Answer the Questions
Build the Link

But whatever you do
Don’t get FLUSHED!

FLUSHED! is a rip-roaring game show for kids aged 9-12. It’s where knowledge meets strategy with hilarious, messy fun along the way!  

On a set unlike any other, two teams of two battle it out to determine who wins the prize and who ends up covered in PURPLE SLUDGE!

In round 1 the teams first answer ten multiple choice questions to build time on the clock. Then the teams race against the clock and each other to complete their LINK. TUBES connect together from an OUTLET to the team INLET in the centre of the stage. In Round 2 the Winner goes on the leader board, while their opponents are now trapped inside the SLUDGE TANK, with a gigantic vat of PURPLE SLUDGE hanging precariously above them. Each time the Winning Team connects their MAJOR LINK to a PYLON, the dump tank tips on an angle, bringing the sludge that much closer to dropping! All that’s left is to crank the lever and FLUSH them!

Every team plays 3 times a week, with the top two teams on the weekly leaderboard playing off in the final episode! FLUSHED! is the ultimate combination of general knowledge and strategy, not to mention a whole lot of messy fun!