Kitchen Whiz

Kitchen Whiz is a fast, fabulous, food-focused game show. With a 4-course menu of messy, hands-on, quick cooking and food-know-how, two teams of junior chefs compete in fun, tactile tasks. Over the four rounds our contestants ages between 11-13 years old answer questions from host Alice Zaslavsky and earn points and prizes from the Kitchen Ninja – a silent but hilarious master in the art of Ninja quick cooking.

A former high school teacher, Alice Zaslavsky (Channel 10's Masterchef) brings a bubbly and bright effervescence to Kitchen Whiz that complements the fun, fast-paced gameplay of the popular show. With her gregarious personality and zestful rapport with young fans, Alice's extensive understanding and passion for all things food makes her the perfect Kitchen Whiz host.

Alice is joined by the ‘Kitchen Ninja’ who works silently and stealthy to undertake any dangerous tasks on behalf of the young contestants like chopping, dealing with naked flames, as well as being the 'final word’ with judging. The ‘Kitchen Ninja’ is played by series veteran Andy Minh Trieu (Rescue Special Ops, Rake, Tomorrow  When the War Began) and is a favourite with the young audience.

The set is bright and dynamic with elements of an oversized, deconstructed kitchen, including a pantry that holds all the ingredients needed for the episode. There are two contestants per team (aged 11-13) with two teams.