Pyramid is a fun, fast-paced game show hosted by Shura Taft, in which two teams go head to head in a vocal charades competition.

The teams go up against one another to describe a series of simple objects, places or things without actually using the objects' names. Yes, even though that word is on the tip of their tongues its the one thing they CAN'T say!

The imposing pyramid game board, constructed of 6 wide screen televisions, reveals words to one player and their team mate must guess six answers within a 30 second time limit. In rotation, players complete three rounds of six categories and more than 100 answers later the team with the most points face the final pyramid game board for their chance to win up to six prizes each.

Each team is joined by a special guest celebrity player from the music, sports or entertainment arenas, who will help players win points at various stages in the game.

We've cleverly adapted this format for kids and produced over 450 episodes, across 7 series, for the Nine Network.