What Do You Know?

What Do You Know? is fast, furious and frantic and features two teams competing over four rounds for the chance to be Australia’s Biggest Know-It-All!

The show has two teams of four kids each lead by a team-captain who is armed with their specialist subject. This specialist subject can be anything from ‘Star Wars’ to ‘Australian Fashion’ to ‘Steam Trains’. Ultimately the extensiveness of knowledge the team captain has on their special subject will make or break their game.

The show features a young dynamic host , Ben Crawley who is supported by our talented DJ, DR Rhythm who musically underscores the show and provides the audio based questions.

A running leaderboard throughout the series will determine which teams make it through to the Finals Week. During finals week, the top teams will battle to become the overall What Do You Know? champions!

What Do You Know? features kids from all around Australia who auditioned to appear on the show in 2010.