10-13 x 30min Lifestyle food series 

Passion is defined as an intense desire or enthusiasm for something- also known as FOODBALL

FOODBALL will bring the foodies to football, and sports fans to the world of food. An intoxicating series that celebrates the worlds passion for Food and Football featuring stories that will take you on the ultimate FOODBALL road trip.

FOODBALL is a series about the beating heart and pounding stomach of our society - what we devour and what we desire. The passion and tastes behind the big games, big clubs and big football stories.

As the world prepares for the next football season, whether it be the national local tournament or any number of the major global events such as the ASIAN CUP, EUROPEAN CUP and FIFA WORLD CUP, FOODBALL will take us on a multi continent journey. Throughout Europe, Asia, America, Africa and the Middle East. 

In each episode we will meet the fans, and football legends, as we experience first hand what football means to each country, how the fans participate and what they eat as they cheer on their team. We will be immersed in the football culture of each country as the  local street food is explored demonstrating an exotic recipe unique to that region and shared during football gatherings and celebrations.

Across the series we will discover each countries unique FOODBALL experience!