Jay's Jungle

Jay’s Jungle is a pre-school series that follows the adventures of Jay the lighthouse keeper. Jay lives on a beautiful J-shaped island, inside a wisecracking lighthouse called C-MOR. Everyday, the wise and funny, C-MOR shines his magical light across the world searching for thoughts and questions to be explored.

When C-MOR's light lands on an imaginative child the adventures begin. Jay and the team - consisting of Funk-E, Jay’s mischievous monkey mate as well as Lani, the fun loving park ranger who looks after the island and Tash a trained marine biologist who knows a lot about undersea life- set out to explore the daily theme, discover lots of new things whilst having a great time. Joining Jay and the team on their adventures is the Jungle Crew, a group of inquisitive pre-school children who arrive on the island to help solve problems and create interesting things.

If the team needs more help they can always call on the Monkey band beat-makers, the ‘Tree Top Trio’ (consisting of three monkeys; Funk-E, Jess-E and Leonard) to explore the theme and sing a song or two.

In each episode a new and unique thought or question, that every child can relate to, is explored, such as: ‘why is the sea salty?’, ‘how do seeds grow?’, ‘who turns off the sun at night?’. These thoughts and questions call upon explanations that are simple to understand and that all children can be involved in. Jay’s Jungle celebrates the importance of teamwork and creativity.

The series is a fun filled, engaging rumble through a stylised jungle, where questions are asked and ideas explored through music, story and playful characters that captivate and inspire young minds.