Whacky solutions to children's problems

Ground-Breaking New Children's Television Series. 
Premiere's Sunday, 4 June At 10.00am on ELEVEN and WIN Network. 

Random and Whacky, a ground-breaking new series that explores and problem solves issues experienced by children, premieres on Sunday, 4 June at 10am on ELEVEN and WIN Network. 

Random and Whacky centres on a top-secret agency, where super agents Cameron, Sunshine, Wil, Kayla and Shayla brainstorm solutions to everyday problems that children face. 

The Random and Whacky agents will investigate problems such as how to pass a test, how to get better at sports, how to conquer your fears of public speaking and more, providing unique, fun advice for kids, different to the help they would get from their parents or teachers. The team's whacky solutions may not always work, but their hilarious guidance will make children laugh. 

Fast-paced, unpredictable and imaginative, Random and Whacky aims to entertain young audiences while enabling them to consider practical solutions to everyday problems. 

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Random and Whacky. 
Premiere's Sunday, 4 June At 10am. Only on ELEVEN and WIN Network.