Storm Boy star Finn Little reunites with pelicans at Adelaide Zoo after film premieres

Storm Boy star Finn Little was feeling nostalgic as he enjoyed an emotional reunion with co-star Mr Percival the pelican at the Adelaide Zoo on Monday.

More than a year after they finished shooting the remake of the SA classic, Finn met up with Salty and Skye, two of the five pelicans who played the iconic role in the new film.

“It was quite emotional for me because I spent 12 weeks with them, every day, so it’s a big thing to see them. They’ve definitely grown since I’ve seen them last,” Finn, 11, said.

“They are absolutely beautiful animals. During production we had a really good connection … I think that definitely showed on the screen.”

Rescued as chicks from an abandoned nest on Bird Island, in the Coorong, the pelicans were trained to play Mr Percival, who forms a magical bond with the young Mike Kingley, played by Finn.

“The birds were amazing to work with, they do what they’re told. They’re funny, clumsy things,” the young Queensland actor said.

Both about 18 months old, Salty and Skye have been living at the zoo since filming finished in September 2017.

A re-imagining of the beloved 1976 film, Storm Boy held its world premiere in Adelaide on Sunday.

It will be released nationally on January 17.

“There were lots of people who said the movie looked great. I’m very proud of what everyone has done,” Finn said.

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