About Us- Ambience Entertainment

Founded in 1989, Ambience Entertainment is one of Australia’s most experienced and trusted independent film and television production companies, specialising in feature films, television dramas, comedies and game shows, factual entertainment and children’s live action. An award winning company, Ambience Entertainment is dedicated to producing compelling programs for local and international audiences.

Throughout their 29 year history Ambience Entertainment has produced a diverse range of original and creative content, from award winning adaptions such as Tomorrow When the War Began to the creative and stimulating experience of Imagination Train. The highly experienced team create, finance, produce and distribute entertainment content that is cutting edge and of the highest quality. This reputation, along with many nominations and numerous awards, has earned Ambience Entertainment recognition as an industry leader.

Most recently, Ambience Entertainment has produced two children’s comedy series, Drop Dead Weird and Random & Whacky for local and international audiences. Drop Dead Weird is continuing to expand into international markets with Series 1 being broadcasted on RTE and CITV. As one of Australia’s fastest growing production companies, Ambience Entertainment has broadcast content on every major network. In a competitive market Ambience Entertainment will continue to maintain a continuous flow of quality content that resonates with audiences all over the world. The much-anticipated, highly emotional feature film, Storm Boy is due to be released in January 2019.

Executive Team