Matthew Street

Managing Director, Ambience Entertainment
Executive Producer/Producer

Matthew Street is a highly respected figure in the film and television industry. Throughout his career Matthew has made a significant contribution, with experience in all areas from post production, visual effects, creating content, commissioning and producing film and television, through to the raising of finance, business affairs and international distribution. Across Matthew's 32-year career he has overseen and driven many internationally successful projects. 

Matthew founded Ambience Entertainment in 1989, initially as a post production house and then subsequently moving into content production. Ambience Entertainment was sought after and acquired by Omnilab Media in 2004. After the acquisition Matthew was retained as Managing Director and also appointed as Executive Director of Omnilab Media. Matthew's work for Ambience Entertainment along with his highly experienced team have created, financed, produced and distributed over 1000 hours of entertainment content that is cutting edge and of the highest quality. This reputation has allowed Ambience Entertainment to be seen as one of Australia's most experienced and trusted independent film and television production companies. Matthew's dedication and hard work throughout his career has resulted in Ambience Entertainment growing significantly, with its feature films and television programs regularly seen by a global audience. 

Matthew's production credits include: Tomorrow When the War Began (directed by Stuart Beattie and based on the books by Australian author John Marsden); Killer Elite (starring Academy Award winning Robert De Niro and Golden Globe winners Clive Owen and Jason Statham); Australian Horror film Dying Breed (starring Nathan Phillips and Leigh Whannell); Sean Byrne's horror film The Loved Ones (starring Xavier Samuel); Dylan Dog: Dead of Night (directed by Kevin Monroe, starring Brandon South and Sam Huntington); Academy Award nominated The Messenger (starring Ben Foster & Woody Harrelson); W (directed by Oliver Stone, starring Josh Brolin and Elizabeth Banks); and The Bank Job (directed by Roger Donaldson, starring Jason Statham). 

Matthew Street is currently a Producer of the highly emotional tale of Storm Boy, which will be released in 2018.