Random and Whacky is a sketch comedy show based on the problems faced by real life kids. Random and Whacky isn't just the title of the show, it's the name of the top-secret agency that attempts to solve these problems with ludicrous solutions.  

The series is fast paced, unpredictable and imaginative. It is focused on brainstorming, thinking things through from different perspectives and working with others to find solutions. This brand new series encourages children to unleash their inner creativity through random and whacky suggestions. The team provide advice you would never hear from a parent, teacher or "responsible" adult. Their solutions may not work but they will be hilarious. 

The Random and Whacky team includes:
Cameron: An overachiever, prep school leader
Sunshine: A second-generation hippy, interested in new and unconventional trends
Shayla and Kayla: Fast-talking identical twins who are extraordinary hackers and cyber gurus
Wil: A quiet skater boy

Coming Soon to Channel 11