Ambience Entertainment are excited to announce that they have started production for a second season of their children’s television comedy, Random & Whacky.  

It has been described as ‘a lively new locally produced kids’ series that is fast paced, unpredictable and imaginative’ (TV Tonight).

Season 1 explored the problems of real-life kids, encouraging them to unleash their inner creativity and think things through from different perspectives. The team of super agents; Cameron, the over achiever, Sunshine, the boundlessly positive Eco Warrior; Wil, the laid-back skater boy; and Kayla and Shayla, the fast-talking identical tech twins, brainstormed solutions which were played out in hilarious comedy. The team provided advice you would have never heard from a parent, teacher or responsible adult. Their solutions may not have worked, but they were always hilarious. 

Producer, Keaton Stewart has stated “Season 1 was a huge success and we have no doubt that Season 2 will continue to engage audiences.” 

Season 2 picks up with the agency’s skills continuing to be tested as they face millions of calls for help from all over the world. In each episode they deal with issues as minor as, giggling at the wrong time, finding a cool nickname or becoming a famous Rockstar to major issues such as, fear of reading out loud and getting out of doing chores. 

Created by Monica O’Brien, Random & Whacky will continue to star the same cast from Season 1: Cameron (Thuso Lekwape), Sunshine (Eliza Nicholls), Wil (Ben Bennett) and Kayla and Shayla (Eliza and Matilda Goslett). This season the audience will also be introduced to four new international members of the agency: Qube (Bardiya McKinnon), Aria (Nikita Waldron), Kyle (Rob Johnson) and Hui Xiaoping (Chloe Ng). 

Producer, Sue Keating has stated “we are so proud of this show and excited to bring our fans a second season, with a lot more episodes, problems and random and whacky suggestions.”  

Season 2 began production on Monday the 15th of October and is set to launch in 2019 on 10 Peach. The series is also expanding into international markets with Studio100 acquiring the worldwide distribution rights. 

Got a problem that needs solving? Random & Whacky are here to help.  



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Monica O’Brien | monica.obrien@ambienceentertainment.com | +61 412 414 044 

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Keaton Stewart | keaton.stewart@ambienceentertainment.com | +61 427 505 681