Crunch Time

Crunch Time is a zesty lifestyle program for tweens. Hosted by two dynamic presenters Nick Vindin and Alice Zaslavsky. The program is a fun filled, rip roaring entertainment show that explodes onto your screen as you discover loads of cool stuff about food, games, sports, being active and basically - living it up!

In each episode of Crunch Time, our hosts meet two amazing young guests from our audience (aged between 11-13). They always have a special talent to show off. It might be hip hop dancing, playing the violin, stories form their travels around the word or table tennis moves you wouldn’t believe.

Through the demonstration of some great tasting and easy recipes, and the exploration of cooking techniques and fabulous food facts, our guests and audience will discover something new about food and its origins each day. From here they launch into some hilarious backyard activities where our hosts show off their sporting skills (or lack there of), participate in physical stunts (child friendly of course) and go head to head in some awesome challenges that not only test their brawn, but also require wit, team work and a good sense of humour.

At the end of each episode our guests get to spin the WHEEL OF COURAGE with pictures of our two hosts in caricature form. Whoever it lands on must approach the CUBE OF CURIOSITY (touch, smell or taste) and guess, along with the help of our guests, what is inside.The set for Crunch Time is a huge backyard. It’s the ultimate tween hangout, the place where they get to have all kinds of fun with our guests. To one side is the Kitchen, an outdoor kitchen with all the bells and whistles. Then there is the Hang Out, a nice comfy couch style setting where our hosts and guests can relax. Finally, there is the Turf, complete with dog house (and occasionally a little dog), fence and plenty of grass. 

This is Crunch Time.