In a world where everything is new and interesting SURPRISES! is an action packed series of discovery for preschoolers. Set in a stylised travelling space contraption William the Wizard and Sparkles the Fairy are joined by their speedy space courier friend Digby Dash. Together the team lead a group of preschool children on a thrilling journey as each new episode uncovers a daily Surprise!

Digby Dash is a surprise finder. Each day he heads out on a special mission as he explores the world of Letters, Colours, Numbers and Shapes. Hidden in his mysterious adventure is an object to be unearthed. It could be something the children see everyday or something new and unusual. This daily surprise inspires the theme of each new episode.

Our audience is captivated as Digby’s surprises are first explored by their funny, magical friends William and Sparkles and then played with, probed, used and examined by a mix of inquisitive preschool children. As the fun unravels the surprises are used in games, songs and craft activities, where the children and the Magical Tales characters not only enjoy all that the surprises have to offer, but along the way they learn and discover how a little bit of imagination and magic can turn the simplest things into a fascinating toy or spectacular picture.