HomeCook MasterClass

Right across Australia there are men and women who are wizards in their own kitchens. With
tested recipes and techniques. They feed their families and entertain their guests but what if they could become Masters of their cooking destinies. With a little bit of help from our chefs, our skilled home cooks will refine their techniques, hone their skills and prepare the most mouth watering dishes with love and dedication. Cooking from the heart has never been so inspiring!

In each episode our celebrity chefs surprise our home cooks with a visit to their homes. They are armed with all the ingredients they need to whip up the recipe our home cooks told us is their speciality. As they prepare to head into our studio, we meet the people they love and cook for and understand what it is about the recipe that their family and friends love so much.

Filled with excitement, fluctuating from nerves to confidence our Home Cooks give us a Masterclass of their recipe. We watch as they beat, bake, sauté, roast, scale and ambé their way through to delivering us their most loved meal. But they are not alone. Our celebrity chef is their with tips and tricks that will help our home cooks take their delicious dish from brilliant to exceptional providing our cooks and audience exciting and simple twists and alternatives that will allow us all to become masters of our own kitchens. 

This show is about cooking from the heart for the people you love