6-10 x 30min Lifestyle food series 

An adventure money can't buy!

When we travel our objective is to experience new things and eat great food. TRANSIT is the ultimate destination flavour experience. It is a unique and unpredictable food,travel and lifestyle adventure. 

After experiencing the local traits of a destination each episode will build to a 'money can't buy experience' that will see the hosts meet up with a local professional athlete or personality whom will challenge them both to conquer an extraordinary task or cultural experience, for example, travel to Germany to train with The Bourne Identity's head stunt coordinator or sample an array of bizarre foods found only locally and typically considered uneatable.

The series will be supported by an app that provides exclusive media content of the trip as well as, recipes, restaurant guides for each destinations, hot travel tips, tourist deals and money can't buy exclusive offers from sponsors wanting to reach the target demographic.

The raw and gritty side of this food/travel story is unique in it's ability to attract the lucrative travel demographic 20-35 year olds.

Stylistically, TRANSIT will be an energetic and portrait-like portrayal of a 20-something couple experiencing the world in a capacity many of us can only aspire too. TRANSIT will emphasise a locations environment via carefully selected images of food, landscapes, urban terrain and culture.