Ambience Entertainment are having lots of messy fun filming the third series of Flushed.

Flushed is a riveting game show that mixes general knowledge, strategy and purple slimy sludge. The series takes place on a set like no other, where two teams of two battle it out to determine who wins the prize and who ends up covered in PURPLE SLUDGE! 

In each episode of the brand new series the teams must first answer fun questions to build time on the clock, then they use that time to complete their link. The winner goes on the leader board, while their opponents are trapped inside the SLUDGE TANK..... All that is left is to crank the lever and FLUSH them! 

The ultimate aim of the game show is to: 

Answer the questions, build the link but whatever you do don't get FLUSHED!


At the end of every episode of this brand new series, the contestants have worked together as a team and had a whole lot of messy fun. 

Candice Dixon has returned to host the third series of the game show and she is so excited for all the tricky questions and Flushings. Make sure you stay tuned for more exciting announcements about Flushed series 3, so that you can join in on all the messy action.