Jay's Jungle series 3 will air every weekday from the 6th of February at 8am on 7TWO! 

Jay's Jungle is a children's television production, which explores unique themes that are integral to a child's development. These unique themes are explored through song, dance and activities, which engage young audiences. 

The adventurous spirit of Jay and the team sees them continually end up in situations, which lead to interesting discoveries. Jay Laga'aia says that the "creation and production of Jay's Jungle, his first TV show is a labour of love." 

Each episode of the brand new series will take the audience on a musical journey, where they learn more about themselves, the environment and the world around them. Series three will bring brand new questions, which Jay will explore with the help of his monkey friends, Ranger Tash and Lani as well as the Jungle Crew. 

As an entertainer for 20 years, Jay Laga'aia loves interacting and performing to children. "The Jungle Crew are so important because kids love seeing kids. Having the Jungle Crew being able to help build props, dance and play really makes the island come alive and enables us to get our message across in play and dance."

At the end of every episode of this brand new series, Jay and the Jungle Crew have laughed, danced, played and learnt so much. 

Jay's Jungle Series 3, premieres at 8am on the 6th of February on 7TWO!