10-13x 30min lifestyle Food Series

We're baking your ideas to life!

Every cake has a story to tell. ...

CELEBRATIONS is the ultimate baking show that goes beyond a quick recipe and a super nifty technique. It is a fun filled step by step guide through the preparation and creation of your next celebration.

From 1st birthday's to 50th wedding anniversaries; graduations to gay weddings and every celebration in between, this series has more ideas for you than a jar of sprinkles!

With some planning, exciting themes and easy recipes holding a celebration that people will remember can be stress-free, inexpensive and lots of fun. Starting with a good theme, the invitations, costumes, decorations, party games, food and birthday cake will fall in to place from there and will help tie everything together.

But thats not all our exclusive celebrations app gives you recipes, downloads of fantastic party decoration printables, hot tips and deals for venues, party supply rentals and so much more...