Feastern Europe

6-10x 30min Lifestyle food Series 

Feast in a crock pot and satisfy your hunger for Eastern European Fun!

FEASTERN EUROPE is a flavour filled journey through Eastern Europe as Alice Zaslavsky and Andy Trieu  bust open the myths and give you a uniquely intimate and surprising view of Eastern Europe.

From the Red Sea to the Gulf of Finland, from the rusty iron curtain to the Urals, you will be taken  on a spice filled cultural tour through the old Eastern Bloc. Discover the food, the people, the history and the future. This is one of the most intriguing regions of the world, where cultures meet in the biggest melting pot on earth.

Each episode will focus on one country. We start with an introduction to the country and then our Feast finding duo go on their separate journey to discover the heart of the place .They say the way to a heart is through the stomach.

Food and Travel is not a revolutionary concept, but discovering these countries rich in flavour and culture post the communist revolution is truly unique. Coupled with our charismatic, and at times, down right hilarious talent this series will begin it's own culinary revolution .