Eat, Forage, Grow, Hunt
6-10 x 30min Lifestyle food series 

The Ultimate Super Food adventure. Back to basics has never been so yum! 

EAT, FORAGE, GROW, HUNT is an exhilarating new television series that gets down and dirty with the real story of food, where it comes from and how to grow, hunt and catch it. 

With local growers, farmers, cooks, chefs and restaurants, we will prepare and devour delicious dishes on location as well as bringing it home to your own backdoor. Animal filled forests, a bursting market garden, thriving organic vegetable farms and a live sea catch of giant tuna fish prepared and eaten on the spot.

The series takes you to the heart of Australia's top end, the New Zealand hinterlands, Samoa, Timor and more. 

These super simple foods are not only delicious but also fascinating to discover the stories and techniques behind the origin and harvesting. EAT, find out how to FORAGE, GROW and HUNT for food wherever you live. 

EAT, FORAGE, GROW, HUNT is a growing, sourcing. cooking and travel show all wrapped into one. At a time when truly good food is on trend, the series is fresh, simple and totally inspiring